Speaking appearance at the C2SV Conference in San Jose, CA

Speaking appearance at the C2SV Conference in San Jose, CA

Available for consulting, speaking engagements, and board membership.

Expertise: Start-up/Community Growth, Consumer Research, Diversity & Inclusion, Marketing, including PR, Events, Social, Content Strategy


Consulting Services, include:

Strategy and Planning

I work with companies nascent, well-established, and everything in between to spec out business models; level up their content and marketing strategies; envision and prioritize pivots, and meet their goals to become more diverse and inclusive.

Communications Training

I work with authors, entrepreneurs, and executives to develop and fine-tune their messaging for a variety of platforms, including keynote speech development and coaching, media training, and perfecting the pitch.

Event Program Development

I leverage more than a dozen years of experience programming events, across verticals and for events numbering up into the thousands, to help producers present diverse, dynamic, programs that will deliver up-to-the-minute information, uncover unexpected insights and foster emotional connection.


“Elisa is a fabulous combination of thought leader and operational leader, with great experience and strong understanding of the digital landscape. She's action-oriented, highly focused and honestly, a lot of fun to work with too.”

– Margaret-Ann Burness, VP of Marketing, Silvernest


Flexible Plans available

Pay by the day or by the project. Purchase a flexible "Brain-Picking Bundle" of hours. I’ll parachute in to help you efficiently and effectively. We'll work together to scope out what you need.