I speak at corporate HQs, university campuses, and high-value conferences.
I support entrepreneurs, executives, thought leaders, and authors in their journeys.
I work with individuals, and I work with organizations of all sizes.
My guiding principle: Innovation+Empathy>Innovation+Efficiency

Weeks after her visit, people are still buzzing about Elisa’s talk. Her expertise, passion and charisma all came shining through. She offered data-driven insights and practical, solution-focused ideas. Audience members were impressed with her intellect, clarity and honesty.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Kids & Art Foundation (private event)

July 25, 2019  
Fireside Chat: Art & Advocacy
Learn more about Kids & Art: https://www.kidsandart.org

The Hivery, Mill Valley CA

September 10-11, 2019  
The Hivery Circle Fireside Chat: Life Lessons for Today’s Leaders, Register here: https://www.thehivery.com/events-calendar/hiverycircle-sept2019
Workshop: The Power of Owning Your Expertise, Knowing Your Value & Getting the Outcomes You Want, Register here:

National Caregiving Conference, Chicago, IL

November 8-9, 2019  
Keynote: Tools for Everyday Activists
Panel: The Power of Storytelling in Advocating for Change in Caregiving

More info and tickets here: https://www.caregiving.com/ncc19/


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A direct, snappy guidebook on engaging in effective day-to-day activism and advocacy at all levels that uses checklists, interviews, and case studies to showcase the tools for making the changes you want to see.

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As marches, protests, and boycotts return to the cultural conversation in the United States and everyday people look to take action and make their voices heard, this hands-on, hit-the-ground-running guide delivers lessons on practical tactics for navigating and protecting one's personal democracy. Aimed at people who want to act but don't know what to do next. 

"Road Map for Revolutionaries answers all the questions you were afraid to ask, plus some you never thought of. It's portable, requires no batteries or electricity, and was created by three smart women. I recommend it!" —Gloria Steinem, activist and writer

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