Road Map for Revolutionaries: Resistance, Activism, and Advocacy for All
by Elisa Camahort Page, Carolyn, Gerin and Jamia Wilson
Published by Ten Speed Press, a Penguin Random House imprint

An Amazon #1 New Release in Political Advocacy

A direct, snappy guidebook on engaging in effective day-to-day activism and advocacy at all levels that uses checklists, interviews, and case studies to showcase the tools for making the changes you want to see in society and government.

Latest News:
The Lower Eastside Girls Club is thrilled to use Road Map for Revolutionaries as part of our curriculum for our new city-wide initiative New Girl City: Agents of Change. The initiative introduces young women across New York City to various components of civic engagement. We are training the next generation of girl changemakers, civic leaders and activists for New York City, State and beyond!  At our January 2019 launch, all sixty participants received a copy of Road Map for Revolutionaries as a resource to use at home and in the field. It is accessible, exciting, and a great way for young people to get their start!
—Erikka James, Lower Eastside Girls Club

"In a world overrun with think pieces published hours after the most recent breakdown of democracy, Road Map is a lucid, refreshing, and concise guide that astutely demonstrates how to transform rage into productive, long-term resistance.
—Anjali Enjeti, Rewire.News

If you’re eager to make a difference but don’t know where to start, this handbook is a must.
—Victoria Rodriguez, Mashable

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"Road Map for Revolutionaries answers all the questions you were afraid to ask, plus some you never thought of. It's portable, requires no batteries or electricity, and was created by three smart women. I recommend it!
—Gloria Steinem, activist and writer

"In one sentence I felt empowered. 'Courage is contagious, and when everyday revolutionaries speak out and come together in solidarity, our mighty power expands exponentially.' Road Map for Revolutionaries gives step-by-step instructions on how to cultivate this courage, what to look for and why it matters."
—Carla Hall, Chef and Author

What a necessary and timely project. I want to buy two more copies immediately to share with my two sons. It is awesome.” 
—Ricki Lake, talk show host, actor, and activist

"As we look around and see this troubling rise of violence, intolerance, and injustice, in our world, many people want to play a more active role in solving these problems. The biggest issue is most of us do not know how. Thankfully, these three brilliant and bad-ass women wrote the book we have been waiting for. Road Map for Revolutionaries is a powerful step by step guide that shows us how to move from outrage to action in ways that lead to sustainable impact and change. If you are ready to change the world right now, read this book and go get to work.” 
—Bobby Jones, CMO of PeaceFirst and author of Good is the New Cool

"Road Map For Revolutionaries will become THE tool in your toolbox that is irreplaceable in today’s world where advocacy and activism are daily essentials. This new book co-authored by three brilliant women gives you the perfect template for supporting your chosen causes when you have run out of ideas of what more can you do. For young and mature audiences alike, you will want to buy for all those you care about."
—Susan McPherson, Founder of McPherson Strategies, a social impact-focused communications consultancy

"The revolution must be financed. By definition, the system being fought against is much more lucrative than you, the angry mass(es). Chapter 3 lays out a step by step process for direct action with the sharpest spear, the dollar. This misunderstanding of your own financial power is the quickest way toward defeat in today's point and click protests. The backbone of the western world is money. History shows us that all of the rebels and revolutionaries began with securing money first. From Christopher Columbus and George Washington, to Fidel Castro and even Isis, they all started with capital. Money equating to power has been a close value to me throughout my life from firsthand experience. My mother shut down a lunch counter with fellow students active in SNCC. I am happy to see this comprehensive roadmap to aid the next generation who are, unfortunately, facing some of the same injustices past generations had to combat." 
—Chef Ayindè, Actor, entrepreneur, president of I Eat Grass, LLC

"A map for finding your voice and using it in service of colleagues, communities, family, and fellow humans; I can’t think of a better map to carry with you at this time, at any time."
–Tania Katan, Co-Creator of #ItWasNeverADress and author of Creative Trespassing

"What a timely book this is, especially for this new majority of multicultural and intersectional millennial and Gen Z generations, who care so much about democracy, equality, representation and access, but many times don’t know where to start or what they can do to contribute to make our country a better place. Donating money, signing petitions and attending marches are  all very important, but this book gives readers so many other examples of how everyone can make a difference, even teenagers, from the comfort of their phone!"
–Beatriz Acevedo, President, Acevedo Foundation and founder, mitú, Inc. 

"Being an ally is one of the most important aspects of my life. Social Justice has never been an easy thing to fight for, but it has gotten exponentially harder since 2016. It's so easy to become overwhelmed. This guide helps me feel empowered, and makes positive change seem less daunting. As a single mother of a cisgender, white, most likely straight male, my job as an ally has become that much more important. Not only do I feel the responsibility to stand up for and behind marginalized people, but I also have to teach my son how to do the same. Mostly my role as a parent seems to be to unteach him the lessons he learns out in the world every day. Our culture tells him wherever he looks that he has more rights and privileges than almost every other group. Road Map for Revolutionaries provides an excellent jumping off point for me to better understand and explain our positions and responsibilities in our culture and gives me practical steps for getting us both involved in making the world a better place."
—Daisy Eagan, Actor, Writer, Activis


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